Electric Mandolin Dimensions

Instrument Max Length Max Width Body Depth Total Depth (over bridge)
Mandolin (short neck / 17 fret) 670mm 250mm 34mm 50mm
Mandolin (long neck / 22 fret) 690mm 250mm 34mm 50mm
Mandolin (travel, 13" scale) 537mm 202mm 34mm 50mm
OM (19" scale) 800mm 250mm 34mm 50mm
Bouzouki (25" scale) 930mm 300mm 34mm 50mm

Note that the body depth will be nearer 45mm if a stacked tone pot is required.

The weight of a typical electric mandolin is 1.2Kg: a large part of that is down to the weight of the hardware, so there's not much room for reducing the weight if that's an issue for you. Replacing 8 individual tuners with 4-on-a-plate style would save approximating 0.13Kg at the cost of using somewhat less effective parts.

There is room to reduce dimensions somewhat, if someone wanted more of a travel-instrument than a gigging mandolin.

Please contact me here, if you see anything you're interested in.