Electric Mandolins

My electric mandolins are all hollow-body instruments built for a smooth clear sound, they are available in either short or long neck variations. Scale length is the standard mandolin 13 3/8", while the nut width can be varied to player preferences.

These are available in 4, 5 or 8 string combinations: the 5 course versions are tuned CGDAE to give you a mandolin and mandola in one.

Please contact me here, if you see anything you're interested in.

For me these instruments sound the best in their short-neck variations - the pickup location works so much better the further towards the nut you can place it - remember that these are short strings that don't move much to drive the pickup, and in any case, neither pickups, amps nor PA's are optimized well for the frequencies you get from a mandolin played high up the neck, so you won't miss the extra frets.

Switch them to parallel wired mode, and you'll get a clean natural sound ideal for replacing a feedback prone acoustic in those tricky gigs, or switch them to series wired mode for the traditional thick, rich and smooth humbucker sound.

Here are a couple of video demos, first the 5 string variation:

Then the 8 string: