Electric Mandolin Wood Choices

My electric mandolin family instruments are all hollow-body instruments built for a smooth clear sound. They have hollow mahogany bodies with a spruce top and decorative wood overlay: the objective is to get the acoustic qualities of the spruce combined with the electric guitar aesthetic. This also allows me to use decorative wood which would be far to fragile and structurally unstable to use in solid form (some burr woods for example). The instruments also have a sound post (block of wood really!) directly under the bridge to kill feedback: despite this they are surprisingly decent sounding acoustically for those that want to be able to practice quietly.

I also offer a "simplicity" model which has an all mahogany body and no binding at a slightly reduced price point.


Amboyna (currently out of stock)

Golden Madrone (1 piece left)

Quilted Maple

Vavona / burr redwood

Burr Walnut

"Simplicity" model - all mahogany.

Please contact me here, if you see anything you're interested in.