Electric Travel Mandolins

My electric travel mandolins are all hollow-body instruments built for a smooth clear sound, they have a scale length of 13" and a body 80% of normal size. Combined with a headstock reduced to the smallest dimentions possible with Gotoh stealth tuners, these are just 21" long in total (excluding the endpin jack).

The brief for these instruments was to produce something that the client could fit inside a standard Ryan Air carry on bag, while still having enough body on them that you could actually hold them! If you're not sure if these instruments are small enough for your case, there is a PDF drawing available for you to print out full size and check for fit. These instruments will just squeeze into a padded uke case - the soft cases with a bit of give in them.

Please contact me here, if you see anything you're interested in.

Here's the video demo: