I've been lucky enough to work on quite a few Ceccherini mandolins, and while they've all had (fixable) intonation problems, they are also some of the nicest sounding bowl-backs out there. All of these come with Ceccherini's distinctive second soundboard suspended below the top, internally these second soundboards vary quite a bit, some run full length from the sound-hole to the tailpiece, others just half that distance. And they all have internal sound-holes in them, but the position and pattern varies from model to model. Let's start with a particularly fancy example:

Next up we have a more standard Ceccherini, except for the extended fretboard. This was probably either a later addition or a special order:

From Ceccherini mandolin #2

And finally a standard Ceccherini model:

From Ceccherini mandolin with double top