I'm calling these "English" because that's the only place these show up, but they were most likely made in Germany for an English retailer.

A pair of picture back mandolinettos, labelled "Neapolitan School of Music", these are some of the best sounding vintage flat-backs available, both in excellent playing condition after restoration.

View full web album.
View full web album.

This is the "fiddle shaped" companion to the more common guitar-shaped and picture backed versions often labelled "Neapolitan School of Music" or similar.

This one was structurally sound when I got it, but the finish had been trashed. As a result it's been refinished in addition to a full re-fret and set-up.

From Mandolinetto #4

This one needed fairly extensive restoration, including back removal and the grafting in of new wood where the back had shrunk over time.

More information, including some rather sad "before" photos in this message thread.

From Nepolitan Patent Mandolin Company Mandolinetto