Pluckthumb Waldzither

You've got to love a Waldzither! This one has no makers name but is identical to one made by Pluckthum I had in the past. With a 50cm scale it makes a great sounding octave mandolin, and is a bunch of fun to play.

Mandriola (12 String Mandolin)

These instruments are pretty crazy, but kind of fun. No makers name but almost certainly German made, rosewood back and sides, and strung in octaves on the D, A and E strings.

Vintage Tenor Guitar

From Tenor Guitar

Interesting old tenor guitar of unknown origin (but probably pre-war). 21" scale, currently strung CGDA. View the full photo album.

Spruce top and maple back and sides. Typical student-classical-guitar build style with transfer rosette and painted on binding, plus softwood fretboard and bar frets. It will be all solid wood from this era though, not modern plywood cheap construction. 21" scale length, strung CGDA with lightweight Clifford Essex strings.

Unnamed German Waldzither.

A Germain Waldzither by an unnamed maker... bit of a challenge to get a good cosmetic result on this one (hence the black face finish), but a really great sounding instrument.

From German Waldzither

Pluckthum Waldzither

The very first instrument I restored...

From Pluckthum Waldzither

German 12 String Mandriola.

An attractive 12 string mandolin (mandriola) made in Germany. Strung in octaves on the DA and E courses for that crazy 12-string sound. A very loud instrument it has a new radiused ebony fretboard and a new set of Golden Age tuners.

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German Folk Art Mandolin.

An attractive mandolin probably made in Germany in the old GDR period with a carved ship in the soundhole. Fretboard is radiused with modern T-frets making it rather nice to play on. On the down side there are only 15 frets in total.

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